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JITTERBUG PERFORMING ARTS (K-2ND) - WED 2:45-3:45 PM Students will grow in confidence through music, dance, and art while putting together a show to be performed at the end of the semester. They will work together to learn music and choreography for three songs and will also create props and a set to showcase during their performance!

KIDZKEYS PIANO (K-3RD) - WED 2:45-3:45 PM Join KidzKeys-Piano Club this semester and your child will learn piano skills that will last a lifetime! KidzKeys gives kids the chance to explore and express their creativity - all while having fun learning piano with friends! Our Color-Coded lessons have been crafted to help younger students quickly learn to read music. With the help of  our encouraging and highly trained teachers, your child will learn 5 new songs each semester ending  with a Piano Recital for family and friends!

CHESS CLUB (K-5TH) - THURS 2:45-3:45 PM Our philosophy at Chess2Children is to give every child the chance to learn this wonderful game by providing the most engaging coaches, teaching exciting lessons they enjoy, all while keeping costs extremely affordable! Chess has proven to help scholars enhance their creativity, develop critical thinking skills, increase academic performance, and 
enhance self-esteem. Beginners in Chess Club learn the basics of the game ensuring a solid foundation, while Intermediate and Advanced players will focus more on tactics, mid and end-game strategy, and competition with their peers and coaches.

WORLD OF SPORTS (K-5TH) - THURS 2:45-3:45 PM WAY2PLAY Sports After School Enrichment program promises to be the best part of your child’s school day! We have designed a curriculum full of fun and interactive games all taught by certified physical education teachers who are experts in their field. The focus of our classes are participation, effort, and enjoyment. Our goal is to introduce 
your child to a wide variety of games and sports giving them the confidence to continue playing well beyond our classes. Students will be challenged and pushed to do their personal best in a safe and 
accommodating atmosphere.

LEGO® MOVIE MAKER (K-5TH) - THURS 2:45-3:45 PM The Builder Bunch LEGO® Movie Maker After School Enrichment Program will take your children through a journey in film making. During this program your child will learn to bring a story from idea, to short stop-motion film with characters, scenes, 
storylines and a well constructed plot. For participation your child will earn a Movie Making Basics Badge!


Registration Opens: Dec 5th

Registration Closes: Jan 17th

Clubs Begin: Week of Jan 23rd

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